The Kalgoorlie Region

The Kalgoorlie Region is contained within the 2.7Ga late Archaean Eastern Goldfield Superterrane, the eastern division of the Archean Yilgarn Craton.  Torian Resources’ projects are located within a 60km radius of Kalgoorlie and cover a total area of approximately 70km2, most of which have received little modern exploration despite being located within one of the world’s largest gold producing areas. Torian currently has 6 projects in the Kalgoorlie area:

  1. Credo Well (including the Mt Pleasant acquisition)
  2. Zuleika – This project currently has 20 separate gold prospects under exploration along a 45km section of the Zuleika Shear.
  3. Kanowna South
  4. Bonnie Vale
  5. Gibraltar
  6. Mt Monger
Figure 9
Figure 9 - Kalgoorlie Region Project Locations.