Gibraltar Project

The project area is situated south-west of Coolgardie (Figure 18) on the eastern edge of a 3 to 4 km wide Archaean greenstone belt in contact with the Bali Monzogranite. The greenstone sequence wraps around the monzogranite and hosts gold mineralisation at numerous locations stretching back to Coolgardie, including Norma May, Grosmont, Burbanks and MacPherson’s Reward. The major structural feature in the area is the Bullabulling Shear which is interpreted as passing to the west of the tenements. Some large gold resources have developed on the Bullabulling Shear at the Gibraltar and Bullabulling mine sites.

Figure 18: Location of the Gibraltar Project Area
Figure 18: Location of the Gibraltar Project Area.


In December 2018 BMGS was appointed to calculate a gold resource estimate for the Gibraltar East Project (The five tenements in the northeast of the project). Using a 0.5 g/t cut-off grade, it is estimated that it contains almost 6000 ounces. The exact figures from the report are shown below (Table 5.) 

Table 5: Gibraltar East Project near surface gold estimate (DEC 2018)
Tonnes Au g/t Ounces
137,020 1.33 5,859