Mt Keith

Mt Keith Project

The Mt Keith Project is located between Wiluna and Leinster in the northern part of the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia (Figure 1). The project has excellent access since it is only a few kilometres east of the bitumen Goldfields Highway to Wiluna.

The project area lies along a significant northwest trending deflection of the main Agnew‐Wiluna greenstone belt in a structurally complex and elongated greenstone stratigraphy disrupted by granitoid intrusions of various ages and textures. Three main lithological associations are found in the area, a sequence of predominantly ultramafic rocks to the west, a continuation of the units hosting nickel mineralisation at Mt Keith and Yakabindie, a central sequence of felsic and mafic volcanics which may be part of a bimodal volcano stratigraphic package, and granitoid rocks in the east containing numerous greenstone belt xenolithic remnants. Faults are found along stratigraphic contacts. A Proterozoic dyke cross-cuts the stratigraphy in a north‐northwest orientation (Figure 2).

It is interpreted that the project is located within the attenuated southern continuation of the Wiluna Domain which contains the same stratigraphy of tholeiitic basalts and dolerites that host the Wiluna Gold Mine (6m oz).

Mount Keith Project
Figure 2:  The Mt Keith Project geological map with target locations.


There have been 2 targets located at the Mt Keith project, Bartons Reward and Waldecks.  From the drilling that has already been completed at these two targets a conceptual model of the potential quantity and grade of the gold located on this project has been created to form an Exploration Target estimate (Table 1).

Table 1: Mt Keith Project Exploration Target Estimates (FEB 2019)
Mt Keith Project Exploration Targets.            
Target Low (T) High (T) Low (Gold) High (Gold) Low (oz) High (oz)
Barton 84,300 114,000 1.32 g/t 1.78 g/t 3.578 6,525
Waldecks 10,900 14,800 2.36 g/t 3,20 g/t 827 1,523
Totals 95,200 128,800 1.439 g/t 1.943 g/t 4,405 8,048

Please note: The above figures are based on assumed densities that were applied to the volume to obtain the tonnage and grades are based on the drillhole information. These are only estimates and are not JORC compliant.